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Associate – Carbon Asset Development

Type: Full Time
Location: Mumbai or Delhi NCR (remote work will also be considered)
About OffsetFarm
OffsetFarm is leveraging tech and finance towards climate action. Our platform enables financing of carbon assets that yield carbon offsets, and de-risking those assets for investors. This chain of investment is verifiable on the blockchain. It’s also one of the top 25 web3 startups from India. Currently, OffsetFarm is developing projects in different sectors – clean cooking, agriculture, forestry, and waste etc, to address climate change mitigation. In this journey we are also collaborating with established developers like Greenway to co-develop projects.
Greenway Grameen Infra is a social enterprise enabling. It is one of the largest players globally and have distributed over 1.6 million improved cookstoves. With a head office is at Bandra, Mumbai, sales office in Bengaluru and manufacturing unit in Vadodara, the greenway team is over 200 people.
Carbon financing is helping enable finance towards technology solutions that play a crucial role in limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C. By 2030 we would need to reduce the total emissions by 23 GtCO2e (Gigaton of carbon dioxide equivalent) compared to the business-as-usual emissions. To keep up with the 1.5°C pathway the global demand for voluntary carbon offsets (resulting from a carbon assets) needs to increase by at least 15X by 2030 and 100X by 2050. Or from 100 million offsets in 2020 to at least 1.5–2 bn in 2030.
  • Designing the carbon projects in accordance with the applicable methodologies.
  • Documenting these projects and setting up of monitoring systems to measure SDG impact.
  • Collaborate with the execution team to ensure implementation as well as data collection.
  • Conduct Local Stakeholder Consultations to generate awareness on the benefits of the projects with local communities.
Recruits will get a chance to understand the economies of carbon projects as well as an opportunity to interact with many different stakeholders. They will work with a highly motivated team and interface directly with top management, providing them a unique opportunity to grow in their careers.
Please reach out to Saurabh Saraf at with a CV or Linkedin profile and a single para outlining your reasons for applying.